Packing for Denver!

In 3 days, 11 years of memories will culminate in one weekend: the national wheelchair basketball tournament in Denver, CO.  The tourney runs from Thurs.-Sat., March 19th-21st (we only play on the 19th and 20th).  We leave tomorrow, mid-afternoon, and return on Monday night, Lord-willing.  It will be an interesting weekend.  Emotions will be running high as this is our last tournament as a team.  We have a shot to finish in the top 10 teams in the country, so we will try our best to that end.  Here’s some ways you can be praying:

– Pray that God would open doors for me to have good spiritual conversations with my teammates.  This is the last time that I will be together with my teammates for a concentrated period of time

– Pray for our health down there…the air will be much thinner than it is in MN, and we have to play 4 games.  So I expect to be exhausted after, and probably during, the tourney =)

– Natalie has another commitment on Wednesday evening so she and my mom will fly into Denver on their own early Thurs morning.  Pray for their safety as they travel, and for the rest of us as we will be driving Tues.-Wed.

– Pray that I would play my best for the glory of God and that we would all be content no matter what happens in the tourney

Thanks so much for praying for us!  The next time I update will most likely be sometime next week, Lord-willing, except for the very small possibility that I can get out a post-tourney update while we’re gone. =)


About Joe Eaton

I praise God that my standing before Him has nothing to do with who I am or what I've done; it is found solely in the perfect life that Christ lived in my place, and His which atoned for my sin. "For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that IN HIM we might become the righteousness of God"..."There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

4 responses to “Packing for Denver!”

  1. cthruthematrix says :

    I hope your team tares it up! It must be something else to have all this end after 11 years. Hopefully you get an opportunity to talk with your teammates about some important stuff… =) I hope you have an awesome time!

  2. Judah Olive says :

    Wow! That’s a long time! I hope you enjoy your last tournament EVER, and, as Seth said, get an opportunity to talk to your teammates about things that matter. Good luck! 🙂 (you’ll need it. =P)

  3. Evie says :

    This should be an exciting weekend and I know you will do your best , and we will definitly be praying for you all. Have a great time Love you

  4. Courtney says :

    Hope you’re having a great time and that you’re beating up all the other teams. 😀

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